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Tasca Do Kiko

We went here based on recommendations from residents. It is out of the way near the boatyard to the side of the Marina, on the way to Meia Praia beach. The entrance is sliding doors into a larger unit. It is very modern inside, not like a traditional Portuguese restaurant. The food is absolutely beautiful, modern Portugues tapas is perhaps the best way of describing it. I cannot recommend it enough. Dishes are varied, an example of a few are, Stingray mayonnaise, breaded cuttlefish, prawns with chili coconut milk & rice, monkfish & prawn gratin, seared tuna on sweet potato (gorgeous). We also had pudding, which we don’t usually do, orange creme brulee & pavlova. They turned quite a few groups of people away as they were fully booked & given this is out of the way I.e you don’t just walk past it in a street, then I would book.

Behind the marina

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