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Portugal has the best surfing in Europe with surfing that matches that of any where in the world and something to offer all surfers from starter to expert. The Algarve has over 100 miles of coastline with some of the most dramatic surfing beaches in Europe. The Algarve is very popular with surfers as it has very similar surfing conditions to those in southern California with good surf peaks & water temperatures from 60s to low 70’s. The town of Lagos is a surfer magnet. It’s not just the waves, the laid-back and friendly atmosphere attract surfers from all over the world. Lagos is also ideally located to get to the best surf spots on the south and west coasts.

Best surf in Europe



The Western coast is the big draw for surfers in the Algarve, as it picks up predominant northwesterly swells. In the summer the waves can be waist or chest high. In the winter they can be well overhead, regularly topping 15 feet. And as an added the bonus, the water temperature is comfortable, and more often than not the sun is shining. Favorite surf spots here that are good for less experienced surfers include Amado, Carrapateira, Monte Clerigo and Mareta, while the beaches at Tonel, Arrifana, Beliche and Zavial are generally considered more suitable for experienced surfers.



Getting people wet since 1992 is their slogan. The original European Surf Tour, Surf Lifestyle and Surf School Company all wrapped in one. They have good gropunds for claiming that "All our knowledge over the years has brought us to our unique central position to be able to combine a kick-ass rock n roll surf holiday able to meet other like minded individuals or a soulful surf break mixing yoga and other activities. Solo, Couple, Family or Group we can give you the best surfing break on the planet."

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The Surf Experience


Claim to prioritsze safety and family-friendly surfing to learn or improve your surfing skills. Their guarantee is that they have experienced instructors who make sure that every minute spent during the lesson pays off.

Family friendly

Algarve Sea Adventures

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